Rose Again Foundation hosts Bless the Children Breakfast with Santa

The Grinch poses for photo with a family during the Bless the Children Breakfast with Santa hosted by the Rose Again Foundation Saturday, Dec. 13, at the Temecula City Hall Civic Center. Valley News/Jeff Pack photo

It’s not every day that Temecula City Hall’s Civic Center is filled with squeals of joy and laughter.

But that was the scene all morning the Rose Again Foundation’s Bless the Children Breakfast with Santa held Saturday, Dec. 13, at the Temecula City Hall Civic Center.

“We have done the Christmas event for five years,” Rhonda Reinke, executive director of Rose Again Foundation, said. “Our first year we had 34 children. This year we had 255 children and includes the families that we serve throughout the year.”

Sponsors came together to help fund the event that featured breakfast for everyone, gifts, crafts, activities and the chance to meet and talk with Santa Claus and the Grinch.

“It’s just one big party with a lot of fun just to show the children at the hardest time of year for them to let them have a good time and let him be a kid again,” Reinke said. “Let them enjoy all those things, arts, crafts and amazing gifting, thanks to all the sponsors. We have sponsors that sponsored every single child this year. It is amazing.”

Manning the booths were sponsors such as Abbott and CarMax, along with individual sponsors, volunteer foster families that “are here volunteering to give back,” Reinke said. The Rose Again board of directors and junior advisory board were all on hand to make the event merry and bright.

Rose Again Foundation is a local nonprofit serving foster children and emancipated foster youth.

“We have a lot of services, new placement, gifting, tutoring, we put children into the extracurricular activity of their choice to give them a healthy outlet and also to be able to make new friends,” Reinke said. “So, we serve them all year long and then at Christmastime we get to just have a big party for the whole family that will include the foster children, adopted children and the foster parents.”

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