RSO: No gun found at scene of soccer fight at Galway Downs

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Valley News Staff
TEMECULA — According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s Media Information Bureau, no gun was found following an investigation into a fight that occurred at a youth soccer tournament game held at Galway Downs on Sunday, Jan. 12.

“It was a fight that occurred between parents at a soccer tournament, and the victim of the fight said he had a gun to get the suspect off of him,” Deputy Robyn Flores told the Valley News. “Deputies arrived a couple of minutes after receiving the call for service and investigated the incident. Deputies found there to be no gun and no evidence of a shooting. There were no arrests made in the incident.”

The fight took place during an Albion Development Showcase tournament at the facility. 

Spectators said players from opposite teams began shoving each other during a match. A family member then stepped onto the field and punched one of the players, KGTV-TV reported.

Spectator Robert Hernandez said the breach onto the field incited more than a dozen men to join in.

Witnesses said at some point someone in the crowd said there was a person with weapon. Teams of children aged 8 to 15 sprinted off the fields, causing spectators to run.

Referee Alex Hansen was on another field and said he saw large numbers of people running and saying there was a shooter.

A man was detained by sheriff’s deputies for a short time but no charges were filed. 

Will Fritz and The Associated Press contributed to this report.