San Jacinto City Council seeks grant funding for upcoming projects


The San Jacinto City Council adopted two resolutions Tuesday, July 7, one to hire consultants to create a local road safety plan and the other to support and promote “Healthy Eating, Active Living” in the community.

Both resolutions will help the city apply for certain grants and funding for related projects in the future.

City engineer Stuart McKibbon requested city approval in hiring Fehr and Peers as traffic consultant for the local road safety plan. The plan provides a framework for organizing stakeholders to identify, analyze and prioritize roadway safety projects improvements on local and rural roads. It is a step in applying to the federal Highway Safety Improvement Plan that provides grant funding to state and local governments to improve highway safety. Once completed, the city will apply for the HSIP in Cycle II, which will improve the city’s competitiveness while pursuing the limited funds available.

The contracted local road safety plan would furnish a ready list of projects for other local, state and federal grant applications as well.

Fehr and Peers submitted a bid of $79,412 for the study, which is within the city’s proposed budget. The city staff will be using $71,000 in a state-funded grant and the remaining $7,412 from the CP-002 Traffic Studies budget. The council made little discussion on the topic during the teleconference, and the resolution passed with a 5-0 vote.

The second request to support the HEAL program was submitted by city clerk Angela Walton and approved by city manager Robert Johnson. The city added the slogan “Ignite San Jacinto” to the HEAL proposal. The slogan was designed to encourage residents to take preventative measures to fight obesity, following a goal the League of California Cities made in 2004 to embrace policies that facilitate activities to promote healthier lifestyle and communities. The league joined with other national efforts in its “Let’s Move” campaign, while other cities across the country are leading the way as part of the “Healthy Eating, Active Living” cities campaign.

The “Ignite San Jacinto” effort will hopefully encourage community members to opt for healthy eating choices and share resources and educational tutorials to implement new ideas at home and work, according to the resolution.

The “Ignite San Jacinto” has three components that shape and focus the programming and community outreach: “Be Healthy,” “Be Well” and “Be San Jacinto.”

According to the resolution, the last component will include outreach activities, which will provide assistance to those affected by homelessness, creating a safety community, and aims to bring amenities into San Jacinto that contribute to being healthy and searches for partnerships through grants and community relationships.

The latter goal brought positive comment from the council members who passed the resolution 5-0. The staff noted the program will have no financial impact at this time.

In other actions, the council approved a raise of $741 a month for the city manager, as per his contract and passed Urgency Ordinance 20-09 to adopt special outdoor dining guidelines and procedures for dine-in restaurants. The urgency ordinance followed Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent order to close are bars and dining inside of restaurants because of a surge in COVID-19 cases reported in Riverside and a number of other counties in the state.

The ordinance approved by the majority of the council will lift a number of restrictions and fees related to allowing dine-in restaurants to move a certain number of tables outside onto the entrances and limited sidewalk areas outside of their establishments. The only addition or change was the move outside was not allowed to interfere with the normal sidewalk and street traffic in their locations. The ordinance is only effective until the governor lifts his most recent ban on dine in dining.

Details and guidelines for the temporary outside move can be reviewed through the city hall that can be contacted by phone at 951-487-7330.

The request for the urgency ordinance was brought to the council by the city manager who is acting as the city’s emergency services director who has the authority to bring such matters to the city council.

Public hearings were held on the tax roll placement of CR&R Delinquent Solid Waste fees for 2019 and confirmation of the collection and assessment of unpaid nuisance abatement costs for calendar year 2019. There were no public comments during the public hearing, and the measures were passed by the council as requested. Cities and counties have the right to place delinquent trash collection and city code violations on the tax rolls of the property owners involved if they are not paid in a timely manner. A number of collection warnings are sent to the property owners before the tax roll enforcement is made.

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