San Jacinto to continue partnership with Riverside County for affordable housing


The San Jacinto City Council in a special meeting Thursday, July 16, approved a resolution authorizing the city’s participation in Riverside Urban County Programs to obtain funding for those residents seeking affordable housing assistance for the next three years.

The city now can continue its partnership with Riverside County through a cooperative agreement. The agreement allows the city to receive funding through the county’s Community Development Block Grant, Home Investment Partnership and Emergency Solutions Grant.

San Jacinto has collaborated with the county since 2006 and received the following CDBG allocations: for fiscal year 2018-2020, $780,000; for fiscal year 2016-2017, $560,309; for fiscal year 2012-2015, $609,537; for fiscal year 2009-2011, $500,000; and for fiscal year 2006-2009, $684,484.

Past funding has been used to address inadequate curb, gutter, sidewalk and street rehabilitation in lower income areas of the city.

The funding also provided for targeted code enforcement, and most recently, it funded the Public Library Parking lot project, which is underway, according to city officials.

Staff explained that during the three-year period beginning July 1, 2021, and ending June 30, 2024, the county will continue to be responsible for preparing and submitting to HUD all reports and statements required to secure grant funding and meet application requirements. In exchange, the city will not be allowed to withdraw from the county’s urban program during the three-year agreement. Any unincorporated portion of the county that incorporates or is annexed during the qualification period will remain a part of the urban county through the end of the period. Finally, the city is ineligible to apply for grants under HUD’s Small Cities.

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