Schuler, Parkson given EMWD membrane replacement contracts


An Oct. 7 Eastern Municipal Water District board action awarded two contracts for the aeration panel membrane replacement at the San Jacinto and Temecula Valley regional water reclamation facilities.

Schuler Constructors Inc. was awarded a $386,067 contract to perform the replacement of 465 membranes, while Parkson Corporation was awarded a $232,525 contract for the aeration membrane materials. The board vote was 5-0 to award the two contracts.

Eastern’s water reclamation facilities include fine bubble diffusion aeration panels which are manufactured by Parkson Corporation. The membrane material which generates the fine bubbles must be replaced routinely, and the aeration trains at the San Jacinto and Temecula Valley facilities currently require membrane replacements. The 465 membranes to be replaced are in eight aeration basins or zones.

On Aug. 10, EMWD staff issued a request for proposals to on-call maintenance contractors to replace the air diffuser membranes, and three proposals were received. The proposals were evaluated on criteria which included previous experience as well as price. The proposal from Schuler, which is based in Corona, was the highest-rated proposal even though it was $1,322 more than the proposal with the lowest cost which was submitted by ICS.

“They’ve got a lot of experience in this work,” Matt Melendez, EMWD director of water reclamation, said.

The schedule in the Schuler proposal was also superior to that of the low bidder. The ICS proposal included times of 90 days to complete the Temecula Valley membrane replacement and 180 days to complete the San Jacinto work. Schuler’s bid package calls for completion of the Temecula project in 28 days and the San Jacinto replacement in 62 days.

The membranes are proprietary, and thus can only be purchased through Parkson or a local representative. The $232,525 does not include freight cost, which will be determined. The total estimated project cost, including EMWD staff labor and a 15% contingency, is $803,000.

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