Seniors get fit at CrossFit by Overload

Trainer Danielle Hale from Murrieta’s CrossFit by Overload puts Betty Bourke, a CrossFit student, through her paces. Courtesy photo


Seniors are taking the gym by storm at Murrieta’s CrossFit by Overload, one of the first CrossFit gyms in the Temecula Valley.

“We have an exclusive senior class for all members of Rancho Family Medical Group here in Temecula,” owner Jon Levell said. “The doctors of Rancho Family Medicine are very supportive and have been very supportive about this population finding a good way to implement some healthy exercise at least twice a week.”

Levell said he and his wife Kira Levell, who is also a trainer at the gym decided to start doing senior classes because they saw the numbers of seniors in the local area grow which caused a need for a “legitimate fitness program for seniors who wanted to do more than just chair yoga.”

“This program truly does provide seniors exercise regimen that are safe and will increase functional lifestyle abilities,” Jon Levell said.

This class, which is held Tuesdays and Thursdays, is programmed and specialized for seniors using the CrossFit methodology. The gym incorporates functional movement that is designed to improve senior’s quality of life at home and in the gym.

The seniors in the class will do movement and exercise that will benefit them outside of the gym.

“We will do nothing with this population or any population that does not hold the same truth,” Jon Levell said. “With CrossFit methodology, it’s about ability and health outcomes rather than looks or physique.”

Levell said that when implemented on a regular basis, seniors will experience a better quality of life with how they feel and act as well as their ability to do things more independently on a daily basis.

For now, the classes are exclusive for those who are members of Rancho Family Medicine, but after seeing the benefits to seniors with his own eyes, Jon Levell said he hopes to open classes for all seniors throughout the valley as the demand grows.

“If any other seniors are interested in trying CrossFit, they should just contact me at (951) 313-5416,” he said. “I will ensure they attend the correct class and have the appropriate information before starting.”

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