Several Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District wells go online to meet warm weather demands, provide enough water for annually 11,000 homes


LAKE ELSINORE – Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District is bringing several of its local wells online to meet the increased water demands created by the region’s warm weather and dry conditions. Located in the Lake Elsinore and the Temescal Valley, this series of drinking water wells will go online over the next three weeks, beginning May 15, and will provide enough water for more than 11,000 households in the EVMWD service area.

“A large amount of the water we provide to our customers is from our local groundwater sources,” Greg Thomas, general manager for EVMWD, said. “We are excited these wells have been rehabilitated and are back online to provide our customers with the much-needed, local, high-quality water to meet warm weather demands.”

The wells are operated seasonally and EVMWD restores service when demand for water is high in the warmer months. Before bringing the wells back into service for the summer, EVMWD has taken steps to ensure that the water meets all state and federal water quality standards.

The water from these wells will be blended with additional local water supplies and customers may notice a slight difference in the taste of their water and experience additional air bubbles in the water during the transition. Air bubbles often make the water appear milky white and will dissipate after just a few minutes. These changes are temporary and normal and do not cause a health or safety risk.

EVMWD relies on local groundwater whenever possible. Utilizing these wells provides customers with a local source of drinking water, minimizing the need for purchasing more costly imported water.

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Submitted by Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District.