Southwestern League Fall Sports All-League selections

Temecula Valley’s Brody Hughes was named MVP of the Southwestern League for football. Valley News/David Canales photo

With the winter break coming to an end, students will be going back to school, which means it time to get back to the high school sports seasons. As the winter sports seasons continue, it’s time to recognize the local student athletes from the fall season that have garnished All-League honors for their tremendous game play. Here are the Southwestern League’s fall sports honors for the 2019 season:


Most Valuable Player: Brody Hughes, Temecula Valley, Sr.

Most Valuable Players, Offense: Robert Coleman, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Taliq Brown, Murrieta Valley, Sr.

Most Valuable Player, Defense: Tyreese Shakir, Vista Murrieta, Sr.

Outstanding Linemen: JayMax Jacobsen, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Elia Migao, Chaparral, Jr.

First team, offense: Hunter Roddy, Chaparral, So.; Carson Zennedjian, Chaparral, Sr.; Jalen Punsalan, Great Oak, Jr.; Ben Narlock, Great Oak, Jr.; Reshawn Burleson, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Justice Stephenson, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Jack Yary, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Brandon Rose, Murrieta Valley, So.; Jacob Caslas, Murrieta Valley, Jr.; Abe Flores, Temecula Valley, Jr.; Logan Whestone, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Zach Cutka, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Joshua Yocum, Temecula Valley, Sr.; David Shinn, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Jack Pedersen, Vista Murrieta, So.; Sean McDermott, Vista Murrieta, Jr.

First team, defense: Tristen Ramirez, Chaparral, Jr.; Christian Johnson, Chaparral, Sr.; Westin Kanow, Great Oak, Sr.; Brayden Frederick, Great Oak, Sr.; Ari Collins, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Cade Moran, Murrieta Mesa, So.; Austin Sio, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Anson Pulsipher, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Josh Hilton, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Coleton DeFalco, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Blake Frazier, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Travis Johnson, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Hunter Escorcia, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Landon Gallagher, Vista Murrieta, Jr.; Jordan Little, Vista Murrieta, Jr.; Yanni Wyatt, Vista Murrieta, Sr.

Second team, offense: Jadon Furubotten, Chaparral, Jr.; Matt Majel, Chaparral, Jr.; Mikel Blair, Great Oak, Sr.; Gavin Vida, Great Oak, Jr.; Antonio January, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Luke Simpson, Murrieta Mesa, Jr.; Trystyn McGowan, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Dylan Figuroa, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Christian Perry, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Matt Lindquist, Temecula Valley, Jr.; Logan Moreno, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Brandon Barnhart, Temecula Valley, Jr.; Anthony D’Ambra, Vista Murrieta, So.; RaQueal Wagstaff, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Jalen Boston, Vista Murrieta, Ethan Bennett, Vista Murrieta, Jr.

Second team, defense: Chris Morales, Chaparral, Jr.; Jahiel Blue Smith, Chaparral, Sr.; Evan Etheridge, Great Oak, Sr.; Daniel Ganino, Great Oak, Jr.; Tyler Martin, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Craig Hunter, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Ethan Holton, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Isaiah Claybrooks, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Brandon Wilson, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Dylan Johns, Temecula Valley, Jr.; Darius Knight, Temecula Valley, So.; Antonio Olivos, Temeucla Valley, Sr.; Marcus Nguyen, Vista Murrieta, Jr.; Christian Tarrant, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Chauncey Hart, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Damien Otero, Vista Murrieta


Most Valuable Player: Kimberly DeBoer, Murrieta Valley, Sr.

First team: Maddie Allen, Great Oak, Sr.; Brooklyn Frederick, Chaparral, Sr.; Hailey Hinkel, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Claire Little, Vista Murrieta, Fr.; Gabby McLaughlin, Temecula Valley, So.; Reka Monteleone, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Sydney Ormiston, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Saige Rivera, Chaparral, So.; Chloe Scheer, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Molly Wilson, Vista Murrieta, Jr.; Rachael Yelenich, Murrieta Valley, Sr.

Second team: Ashlyn Beaver, Temecula Valley, Jr.; Brenna Bell, Murrieta Valley, Jr.; Layla Cederlind, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Brianna DeBoer, Murrieta Valley, Sr,; Katrina Jensen, Great Oak, Sr.; Anna Johnson, Great Oak, Sr.; Delaney Kiendra, Murrieta Mesa, Jr.; Emma Rhodes, Temecula Valley, So.; Bella Rittenberg, Chaparral, Fr.; Juliette Russell, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Jasmine Saran, Great Oak, So.; Kalia Thunstrom, Murrieta Valley, Jr.


Most Valuable Player: Grady Taylor, Temecula Valley, Sr.

First team: Ethan Garcia, Murrieta Valley, So.; Aiden Ruhle, Murrieta Valley, Jr.; Connor Lynton, Murrieta Valley, So.; Wade Anderson, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Jake Garrett, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Cole Jensen, Great Oak, Jr.; Tyler Belus, Great Oak, Sr.; Keean Albao, Murrieta Mesa, Jr.; Bryce Coatney, Chaparral, Sr.; Nate Gray, Chaparral, Sr.; Timmy Pourkazemi, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Ethan Evarts, Vista Murrieta, Sr.

Second team: Chase Campbell, Murrieta Valley, So.; Cameron Knutsen, Murrieta Valley, Jr.; Anthony Mihelich, Murrieta Mesa, Sr.; Jesse Zinn, Murrieta Mesa, Jr.; Luke Gharring, Great Oak, Jr.; Bradley Pearce, Great Oak, Sr.; Justin Hoagland, Chaparral, Fr.; Jack Pavlosky, Chaparral, So.; Antonio Calderon, Vista Murrieta, Jr.; Armani Kim, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Brandt Leatherman, Temecula Valley, So.; Brayden Phillips, Temecula Valley, Sr.


Most Valuable Player, Singles: Natalie Duffy, Murrieta Valley, Sr.

Most Valuable Players, Doubles: Mya Hamilton, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Nikki Lam, Murrieta Valley, Sr.

First team: Erica Giarrusso, Great Oak, Sr.; Dayna Walker, Great Oak, Sr.; Leyla Anwar, Great Oak, Sr.; Hanna Song, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Jenna Kent, Temecula Valley, Sr.; Laney Pearson, Murrieta Valley, Jr.; Maya Eamolarn, Murrieta Valley, Jr.; Gia Hamilton, Murrieta Valley, Sr.; Faith Lee, Murrieta Valley, Jr.


First team: Angela Heo, Murrieta Mesa, So.; Jordyn Parr, Temecula Valley, Sr,; Venecia Zaia, Vista Murrieta, Sr.; Carlotta Rusticelli, Murrieta Mesa, Jr.; Mackenzie Carpenter, Great Oak, Jr.; Katelyn Parr, Temecula Valley, Fr.; Kate Watanasiripong, Great Oak, So.; Mia Golovich, Murrieta Mesa, So.

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