Spectrum VoIP’s Gray aims to educate, help clients excel

Maria Gray
Spectrum VoIP area manager Maria Gray has been in the telecommunications industry for more than a dozen years and is committed to working hand in hand with clients for success. Valley News/Jeff Pack photo

Spectrum VoIP area manager Maria Gray has always had a passion for educating others and helping people succeed.

“Through the consulting and management platforms, I have been fortunate to fulfill my passionate goal of seeing clients greatly excel,” Gray said. “Through endless collaboration in both college and my early working life, I cemented my feet in one goal – to help others succeed. After 30-plus years of experience in sales and management, my method is clear – your success rests on my zealous commitment and expertise. From my diverse knowledge of telecommunications, (software as a service) and data solutions to the arenas of finance and marketing, I can proudly say I have helped countless companies revamp their company vision by my innate ability to strategize at the right time and right place.

“I believe the greatest fallacy one can tell oneself in life, is that something cannot be done,” she said. “There is always a way to succeed with the fullest integrity. We can make it happen.”

Gray and Spectrum VoIP offer business owners state-of-the-art technology, cloud-based (voice over internet protocol) system and business phone services, delivering what she said is the most extensive and feature-rich telecommunications platform available.

Gray has spent 12 years in the telecommunications business and 25 years in management and finance. She said her mother has been a big influence on her career.

“I came from a mother that devoted herself to others’ health through occupational therapy,” Gray said. “I saw drive, grew passion and slowly created a deep-seated plan to also succeed as my upbringing warranted. Educating and consulting about new products that simply made sense was my driving factor. I see my career in this way. Things can always be better for a business, and it can always rise up through profit, by hard work from any employee. New is a great thing, not something to be feared. Whether management or entry-level, there is an attitude one must have that says, ‘I am a part of this, and I contribute to success no matter how small.’”

Gray got her start in the telecommunications industry with a nationwide telecommunications company in Colorado.

“I rose to become the top performer in the country, again applying the passion and aptitude to help clients at the forefront of my ethics,” she said. “We decided to stay in Colorado for three years, but due to health circumstances in the family, and missing our home state of California, we moved back. I have continued my streamlined communications experience with Spectrum VoIP and I must say my company instills the same ethics and integrity that I base myself on. We are a perfect fit.”

Gray said she enjoys the role she plays in helping a business succeed by providing telecommunication services.

“Communication is the key for success with any business,” Gray said. “Spectrum VoIP enables success with easily utilized and perfect tools at your fingertips. The bottom line, I enjoy it because I love consulting businesses ensuring they have the best tools at the most cost-effective price.

“I genuinely enjoy helping others make informed choices,” she said. “Telecommunications is how the business world branches out and talks to each other. It is a very complicated method. I like to be the one who educates a business owner about how their service can exponentially improve based on having stellar communication services with clients/customers.”

She said one of the biggest mistakes a business owner makes is doubting what can be achieved.

“As I explain to clients, without proper communication, a business can fail when it shouldn’t,” Gray said. “I believe the greatest fallacy one can tell oneself in life, is that something cannot be done. This goes for the mom and pop businesses up through the corporate mentality.”

Gray said Spectrum VoIP doesn’t nickel and dime its clients.

“Most of our features are part of our service,” she said. “There are dozens of free features that will keep you efficiently connected with your customers. The way Spectrum VoIP sees it, our free features are vital to your business and maintaining top-notch communication should be a part of not only our integrity but yours. We provide, you succeed without the stress of extra billing.”

Gray said Spectrum VoIP stands out due to its ability to provide state-of-the-art equipment that exceeds industry status quo, management features with a team approach and features that protect a business’s privacy.

“If your internet fails, our phones will still work,” Gray said. “We don’t require upfront costs like other providers. Aspects you’ve wanted, like unlimited services, are also available at no cost.”

Gray thinks businesses looking for a better communications system should give her a call.

“We set you up to succeed in all aspects,” she said. “We’ve thought of your communication needs based on our many years of experience. Spectrum VoIP will ensure your customers will always have a communication method to reach you. We provide streamlined services and virtual handshakes that others don’t, through our integrity, ethics and know-how. You can’t buy that from the others.”

Gray said clients can try Spectrum VoIP with no obligation and is offering a New Year 2020 Promo where customers can receive a Mastercard gift card up to $3,000 by just switching to Spectrum VoIP.

Contact Gray at (951) 294-1081 or by email at mgray@spectrumvoip.com.

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