Stars of the Valley to focus on honoring beneficiaries this year

Jacob Cazares
2020 Stars of the Valley child beneficiary Jacob Cazares is currently fighting stage 4 brain cancer at 2 years old. Valley News/Charity for Charity photo

Charity for Charity Founder and President Charity Prestifilippo is sure that people who pay for a ticket to attend the 2020 Stars of the Valley event Saturday, Feb. 8, at Pechanga Resort Casino will not regret it.

“Because it will be the best $125 they spend on themselves all year,” she said. “In that ticket value, you get wine, dinner, dessert, pictures, entertainment and you will leave with a full heart full of inspiration, hope, and joy.”

The Stars of the Valley gala event is in its 14th year and centers around three beneficiaries currently dealing with life-threatening or traumatic injuries. During the evening, Charity for Charity will be fulfilling the wishes of the three beneficiaries. The event itself is part fundraiser and part celebration of the work the nonprofit does throughout the year to change the lives of community members.

“Our community has heart, compassion, and love to share,” Prestifilippo said. “The relationship between our community, and Charity for Charity is so much bigger than people realize. Charity for Charity is the platform that gives these incredible humans a face, a story and a voice. We don’t only fulfill wishes to bless these beneficiaries, which the community financially supports, but we also open doors for bigger life changes and impact. Sharing who we help with this valley creates a family for them.”

Prestifilippo said the sense of community extends after the evening ends.

“This community family has helped beyond being at Stars of the Valley,” she said. “I’ve heard our beneficiary and her mom were in Target and a friend of our community bought their groceries. Another is the story of Amy; our community friends pitched in for her hands and a vehicle. For Hailey, with epidermalosis bulosa, her story was told and a community friend not only gave her a supply of bandages but connected her with free bandages for life.”

This year’s beneficiaries include child beneficiary Jacob Cazares who is currently fighting stage 4 brain cancer at 2 years old; young adult beneficiary Jesse Roman, 21, who survived a rollover car accident and is working through a traumatic brain injury while adjusting to losing sight in his left eye and adult beneficiary Wendi Miller, a 45-year-old fire captain, fighting cancer throughout her body and brain.

“The first part of the event is about our mission,” Prestifilippo said. “We will honor our three main beneficiaries, tell their stories, fulfill their wishes and share testimonials of past beneficiaries. It’s the inspirational and life changing part of the event.

“Then, after a brief intermission, we will be changing it up this year,” she said. “We are thrilled to bring phenomenal entertainment for the second half, it’s the fun half of the show.”

She said there will be a live auction, two performances by an ensemble of local professional performers as well as the world-renown, variety act duo, The Great Dubois.

In previous years, members of the community were nominated for various awards pertaining to community service in one way or another, but this year, the portion is dropped from the event so they can throw more of the spotlight on the beneficiaries.

“The community loves to be a part of something that supports something they can touch and feel,” Prestifilippo said. “It makes a huge impact when you are at the event to witness where your financial support goes and to be able to have a relationship with those you support and to continue to follow them throughout their journey. They love to have a fun night out, leaving with full hearts and changes lives.”

Stars of the Valley 2020 will take place from 5:30-11:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8, at Pechanga Resort Casino, 45000 Pechanga Parkway, in Temecula.

Tickets are $125 general admission, $1,250 for a table of 10 and $1,500 for a corporate table and are available for purchase at

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