Supervisors approve Rainbow Canyon general plan amendment


The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved a general plan amendment for a property in the Rainbow Canyon area.

The supervisors’ 5-0 vote, Tuesday, June 2, changed the land use designation for 12.8 acres of the 30.1-acre property from rural: rural mountainous to community development: light industrial. The property has both manufacturing – service commercial and rural residential zoning, which was not changed by the supervisors’ action.

The land is owned by the Schober Family Trust. It is east of Interstate 15 and Rainbow Canyon Road and just south of the Temecula city limit.

The rural mountainous land use designation is intended for areas of at least 10 acres where at least 70% of the area has a slope of 25% or greater. A slope analysis was prepared for the Schober property which showed that only 19.6 acres, or 65% of the site, had slopes of at least 25%. The 17.3 acres, which will retain the rural: rural mountainous land use designation, include 15.2 acres, or 87%, with a slope of 25% or more while the 12.8 acres, which will be redesignated as community development: light industrial, include 4.4 acres, or 34%, with a slope of at least 25%.

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