Support the Land and Water Conservation Fund


As a Republican in California, “environmental” legislation has become synonymous with overstepping and overtaxing. Which is why I was surprised when I read about the countless benefits afforded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The LWCF is a federal program that helps to maintain public lands, including state and federal parks, and has received bipartisan support since it was established over 50 years ago. Unlike other legislation, this fund doesn’t rely on new taxes or hiking existing ones – it reinvests revenue already being collected from energy-related activities, like offshore drilling.

Over the course of my lifetime, LWCF has invested nearly $2.5 billion into California’s public lands, helping to maintain parks, bolster our outdoor recreation industry and enhance the appeal to our millions of annual visitors.

Still, every year, more than half of the program’s intended funds are ultimately diverted to things unrelated to LWCF. This money is vitally important for the upkeep of our public spaces and ultimately for the safety of our communities.

Join me urging our Congressman Ken Calvert to add his name to the bipartisan list of co-signers supporting House Resolution 3195 and ensure that we stop settling for less than what was intended for LWCF.

Robert Underlee