Monday, November 30, 2020
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U.S., Mexico agree to close border to non-essential travel

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - The United States and Mexico have agreed to restrict "non-essential travel" at the U.S.-Mexico border starting Saturday in order to...

Mexico pledges to fight cross-border sewage spills

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico says it will rehabilitate five pumping stations in the border city of Tijuana to prevent cross-border sewage spills that...

Immigration official says US-Mexico border crisis not over

COLLEEN LONG and CEDAR ATTANASIO Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — A top U.S. Border Patrol official has a warning: The crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border...

US experiments in Texas with plan to speed asylum decisions

CEDAR ATTANASIO and ELLIOT SPAGAT Associated Press EL PASO, Texas (AP) — U.S. immigration authorities are testing a program to speed up reviews of asylum...

Asylum-seeking Mexicans are more prominent at US border

CEDAR ATTANSIO and ASTRID GALVAN Associated Press JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — Mexicans are increasingly the face of asylum in the United States, replacing Central Americans...

Border apprehensions drop as immigration crackdown continues

COLLEEN LONG and DARLENE SUPERVILLE Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of migrants apprehended at the southern U.S. border declined in September for the...