Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Pastor Zachary Elliott

How God holds your hand

Zachary Elliott Special to Valley News After 10 years of trying to have a baby, our cousins gave birth to their first child. A boy. The...
Harold Pease Ph.D.

When man replaces God as god

When man denies the existence of God or even believes himself an agnostic, he, in effect, replaces God with himself as the highest entity...

How to knock on God’s door

We’ve reached the season where FedEx, UPS, U.S. Postal Service and Amazon will be delivering a ton of packages to homes across the country....

Are your prayers cool?

I remember listening to a conference where one of the speakers was bragging about how much time he would spend in prayer. I wouldn’t...

Is God hiding?

I was at church the other day and noticed some children playing hide and seek in the sanctuary. It was everything you would expect...

Meet the palindrome God

This week marks the final palindrome week of this century. A palindrome is a phrase, word or a sequence of numbers that reads the...