Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Lockdown has gone too far

During this COVID-19 “lockdown,” too many rogue bureaucrats are channeling their inner Il Duce through bizarre edicts and dictates. The governor of Michigan has banned...

Murrieta S & P ratings boost reflects a healthy local government, strong community

MURRIETA – Strong management, solid budgetary performance and weak debt are a few of the factors behind the Murrieta’s recent Standard & Poors ratings...

Globalists love Trump’s USMCA

No one has been more outspoken against globalism than President Donald Trump. His “America First” platform is the antithesis of their plans for world...

Constitution Day is the forgotten holiday

Tuesday, Sept. 17, was Constitution Day, and arguably it is the most forgotten designated day in America. The mainstream media will say nothing of...

ELGL Road Trip makes a stop in Temecula

TEMECULA ─ ELGLRoadTrip is an international week of local government learning, and the city of Temecula is hosting a stop on the road trip,...