Monday, September 21, 2020
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Hot air balloons thrill LRE residents

Lake Riverside Estates residents received a colorful surprise in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Sept. 8, as three hot air balloons descended upon...

Local horse makes magazine cover

A Lake Riverside Estates couple announced a photo of their Icelandic horse was chosen for the cover of Icelandic Horse Quarterly magazine. The publication is...

Wild weasel wreaks havoc in Lake Riverside Estates home

Michael Floyd, a homeowner at Lake Riverside Estates, had an interesting and unique experience with a normally shy and elusive wild animal recently. A weasel...

ATHYRIO social club presents ‘Leave No Trace’ workshop

The social club, And The Horse You Rode In On, presented a “Leave No Trace” trail etiquette workshop at the Lake Riverside Estates Community...

Delisa Mannix photographs LRE wildflowers

Delisa Mannix, professional photographer and nature lover, snapped some photos of the vibrant explosion of flowers covering her neighborhood in Lake Riverside Estates. With subjects...
David Schulberg

Veteran showcase: David Schulberg

When people think of veterans, they usually think of military men and women, but law enforcement also has its fair share of veterans. David...

Anza residents cast ballots in California primary

With about 1,110,065 voters registered in Riverside County ahead of the 2020 presidential primary election, Tuesday, March 3, Anza, Aguanga and Lake Riverside Estates...
Randy Miller

Veteran Showcase: Randy Miller enjoys family, sports and learning

Local Aguanga resident and Navy veteran Randy Miller is known as father and husband who is a soft-spoken, kind and generous family man. He joined...

Local student offers custom calendars to fund educational trip

Not only is Riley Jones a star student and accomplished digital photographer, she is working to earn her way to go abroad on a...

Canada geese invade Lake Riverside Estates

Squadrons of Canada geese have invaded the quiet Aguanga community of Lake Riverside Estates. Hundreds of the birds have descended upon the grassy meadows...