Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Menifee Police Department hires 5 new officers, 1 staff member

MENIFEE – The Menifee Police Department welcomed five new officers and a police budget and grants analyst to its growing department. Christine Booker has a...

New Menifee Police Department earns positive response in first 30-days

The Menifee police department officers, who are young in organization but long in experience, are quickly gaining community acceptance after their first 30 days...
Lt. Abigail Valle

Menifee Police rounds out executive team for department kick-off

MENIFEE – The Menifee Police Department and Chief Pat Walsh added additional personnel recently to his executive team, preparing for the department’s launch July...

Two lieutenants join growing Menifee Police Department ranks

Two new lieutenants who recently joined the new Menifee Police department will be introduced at the March 4 City Council meeting. The Lt. Denise Keith...

Menifee City Council hears cost increases in police department dispatch contract with Murrieta

The cost for establishing the Menifee Police Department has risen to date, but that increase is offset by greater savings in the police and...

1,788 new homes, parks, school proposed in 7 years

San Jacinto City Council extends development agreements on two residential home projects The San Jacinto City Council in its first reading extended the development agreement...

Menifee swears in new police chief, 2 captains

The Oath of Office and badge pinning of Menifee’s new police chief and his two captains was a historic moment Wednesday, Nov. 20, for...

Menifee City Council sees police department formation on schedule

The Menifee City Council heard a quarterly update on the formation of the new Menifee Municipal Police Department from consultant, retired Hemet police chief...

New Menifee Police Department recruitment continues at a rapid pace

Since the Menifee Police Department finalized an agreement with the neighboring city of Murrieta to join its police department’s dispatch center, the recruitment process...

Murrieta and Menifee police departments adopt joint police dispatch system agreement

Months of meetings between the Menifee and Murrieta police chiefs resulted in a police dispatch agreement between the two cities police departments being approved...