Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Transition smoothly after relocating

TEMECULA – People move for various reasons. Some have outgrown their existing homes and need something bigger, while others move to downsize. Regardless of why...

Armed with knowledge, brick and mortar stores can survive

Brick and mortar store fronts are becoming a thing of the past. You’ve heard the chatter; you’ve seen major retailers like Macy’s, Dress Barn,...

Host a successful open house

TEMECULA – When selling their homes, homeowners can employ several strategies in an effort to drum up interest among potential buyers. One such strategy...

Become a Menifee Master with Menifee’s new real estate program

MENIFEE – A new program in Menifee is now open to real estate professionals who work, sell and conduct business in Menifee or the...

Responsible building decisions deserve benefits too

TEMECULA – Beauty, spaciousness and interior design are all important when building a personal dream home; however, with the reality of energy and environmental...

Understand the home inspection process

TEMECULA – The process of buying a home can be unlike any experience prospective buyers have ever had. After finding a home they like...

Get the financial facts about timeshares

Temecula – Many people turn to timeshares as a way to enjoy annual vacations. But is investing in a timeshare a financially sound decision?...

Thank You Heroes home rebate program hosts educational afternoon with experts

TEMECULA – Buying, selling or remodeling a home this fall? How about refinancing? There are endless issues along the way, and to assist local...