Temecula awards contract for pump track

Temecula City Councilmember Zak Schwank talks Tuesday, Sept. 10, about the new pump track that will be constructed at Ronald Reagan Sports Park and is slated for completion in October. City of Temecula photo

The Temecula City Council formally announced the awarding of a construction contract on a project that is sure to get the hearts of bicyclists in Temecula pumping.

American Ramp Company Inc. was awarded the contract for the construction of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park Pump Track Tuesday, Sept. 10, in the amount of $366,200.

Construction on the track was expected to begin Monday, Sept. 16, with the project’s completion by Oct. 28.

A pump track is a concrete bicycle track featuring banked turns, bumps, transitions and jumps where riders can move throughout the track system without using their peddles, but rather generating momentum by up and down body movements.

The 10,000-square-foot, multidirectional track will cater to a wide variety of skill and age levels and will feature a raised, concrete starting platform and asphalt riding surface on the southeast end of the park.

“I want to say thanks to the community for sticking with us for the last few years while we got this right,” councilmember Zak Schwank said. “Because this project, the way that we’re doing it now, is the right project for that space.

“It is going to be a phenomenal asset for the community. Really excited about it,” he said.

Ric and Anne Van Der Linden, owners of The Bike Shop, were joined by their son Sean, during public comments and thanked the council and city staff for the pump track.

“The best thing about the pump track is it gives kids a place to go, stay off the video games and out of trouble, that way they’re out doing something,” Ric Van Der Linden said. “It’s more than just the kids. There are adults doing it; dads wanting to bring their kids. There’s a whole race community here that races mountain bikes, and they use that as a technique to develop their skillset. It’s a good family healthy thing.”

In the consent calendar, the council also unanimously approved sponsorship agreements with Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild for the Old Town Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show, with Trauma Intervention Program of Southwest Riverside County Inc. for Traumatic Incident Citizen Support, with Inland Valley Business and Community Foundation, dba TEDx, for TEDx Temecula and with Old Town Temecula Gunfighters for Western Days 2019.

They also approved the purchase of the fiscal year 2019-2020 Software Support and Maintenance for Tyler Technologies suite of products, and agreed to buy three Ford Ranger XL Supercab Trucks from Ford of Chula Vista.

They also awarded a construction contract to Onyx Paving Company Inc. for the pavement rehabilitation program citywide and Moraga Road, Yukon Road and La Serena Way.

The council also accepted improvements for the notice of completion for park restroom renovations, expansions and Americans with Disabilities Act improvements performed by TWM Roofing Inc.

Before the meeting began, the council also awarded a certificate of achievement to Shawn R. Bishop of Boy Scout Troop 384 for reaching the rank of Eagle Scout.

Mayor Pro Tem James “Stew” Stewart announced proclamations for Constitution Week, naming Temecula a Purple Heart City and National Manufacturing Day.

“You know, September is a month of sacrifice was for service,” Purple Heart recipient Len Terranetti said. “If you think that tomorrow, Sept. 11, the sacrifices that our first responders made rushing into the Twin Towers and trying to get people out and then all the military personnel who have subsequently been engaged overseas in combat because of that horrible incident. Next Friday, it is National Prisoner of War and Missing In Action Day, in case you don’t know this, if you’re a POW or a MIA, you are also entitled to a Purple Heart. So, those are our Purple Heart brothers. And the last Sunday of September is a Gold Star Day.

“So, the fact that you take the time to remember this and to educate our young people about it is very important to all of us and we appreciate it,” Terranetti said.

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