Temecula Clay gives artists a creative outlet

Henry and Jack painting
Brothers Henry (left), 7, and Jack, 4, paint ceramic figures at Temecula Clay in Vail Headquarters. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

Jennie Soderquist, owner of Temecula Clay reopened her doors Monday, May 4, at 32127 Temecula Parkway, at Vail Headquarters in Temecula.

When the safer-at-home order was put into place mid-March, Temecula Clay was forced to close its doors to the public to help ensure the safety of California residents. Keeping the business afloat, Temecula Clay offered painting to-go services. Customers could shop online for pottery pieces to purchase in a kit along with painting supplies. Once finished, customers could bring in their pieces to be fired in the kiln.

Soderquist said her goal in reopening was to “give our community hope that we will recover, the economy will restart and that we can create a safe environment for kids to feel ‘normal.’”

Deborah Martinez, an essential worker in Temecula, said she has been struggling to keep her young daughter occupied during a time where it’s not safe to go to many places.

“It’s been very difficult to keep my daughter entertained. She likes to play at the park with her friends, and she’s been very upset that she can’t,” Martinez said.

Because America is beginning the process of reopening, Temecula Clay can now give artists a place to explore their creativity. On May 1, Temecula Clay announced via Instagram that they would begin to slowly open over the week by allowing a few painting groups in at a time and properly sanitizing supplies and work stations. People responding on Instagram said they were thrilled to hear that their favorite art studio would be opening once again.

“We are making sure that customers have their space while painting, and cleaning brush handles and tables with an all-natural cleaning product that kills 99.9% of bacteria that is safe for children,” she said.

Temecula Clay is a pottery painting studio where people of all ages can go to paint, to learn new techniques and to make their own pieces by hand. Customers can either take home pottery to paint or paint in small groups in the studio. Temecula Clay also offers classes and workshops in ceramics.

“I love my community, and I love my studio,” Soderquist said.

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