TEMECULA – The city of Temecula is committed to helping our community navigate through the challenges of the current COVID-19 crisis. Temecula will provide the same level of unity and support in the virtual space in the wake of the disappointing cancellations and temporary closures. We have compiled a number of valuable and timely resources on a new Temecula Virtual Community Services webpage at temeculaCA.gov/VirtualCS to keep our community healthy and safe by remaining active, engaged, and connected.

“We know that these are trying times,” Mayor James ‘Stew’ Stewart said. “In addition to providing timely and accurate information about local preparedness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to offer our resilient community members easy access to resources that encourage healthy lifestyles, develop community connections, and create fun experiences at home. The new webpage shares education, recreation, enrichment, social, and outreach recommendations to keep our community active, healthy, and stronger together.”

“We will continue to provide our community with innovative, authentic, heartfelt, and connected ways to engage and remain active given the current crisis,” Temecula Community Services District President Zak Schwank said. “Our top priority is ensuring the health, safety, and security of our community. We are committed to keeping our community up to date in our rapidly changing and fluid world. The new Virtual Community Services webpage highlights self-care, social distancing, and safety.”

Virtual Community Services Webpage Highlights for Seniors
The new online page features a Seniors Resources List and a list of Temecula Grocery Stores that have adjusted their hours to allow our most vulnerable population to shop during specific hours. The city of Temecula has also been able to expand the Senior Nutrition Program distribution from five to seven meals per week. Seniors who have yet to sign up can complete an application on-site along with proof of age 60 and older. We are grateful to our community partners and vendors for their consistent support, coordinated efforts, and volunteer service during this time of great need.

Virtual Community Services Webpage Highlights for All Ages
Commit to daily challenges such as going outside for at least 30-minutes every day, chalk art, blow bubbles, jump rope, garden, and explore your own backyard! Post photos on social media with Mayor Stew’s 2020 #TemeculaFUN hashtag and tag us to show what your recreation looks like at home.

The Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library recommends Storyline Online. A new Virtual
Museum Tour was uploaded to the Temecula Valley Museum’s webpage at TemeculaValleyMuseum.org and our Museum Team is currently working on a Museum At Home page for the website that will allow the community to download information, fun crafts, and activities very soon. In the meantime, Temecula’s new community page encourages you to take a virtual trip to the Smithsonian Institute from the comfort of your own home.

Experts are advising that it is good to go outside with precautions of spacing and social distancing while hiking, biking, and jogging. Also, washing hands before and after activities are recommended (such as playing volleyball or basketball). Temecula’s Park Rangers are still in the field and would like to remind one and all to maintain social distance and although our parks remain open, please avoid high-contact play structures for your safety and protection during this time.

Since gyms and yoga studios are closed, to keep you motivated to stay active just search online for free workouts; play indoor family activities and games; participate in individual/small group sports; Spring cleaning; and DIY projects to remain healthy and combat stress and anxiety.

Children and youth can always write letters and draw pictures to send in the mail … like in the olden days. The city of Temecula’s Youth Advisory Council students have taken the lead with this thoughtful intergenerational connectivity effort by crafting Letters to Seniors to cheer up our greatest generation currently in isolation.

Please follow “Temecula Parks and Rec” on Instagram and Facebook for updates to stay informed, be well, and remain healthy.