Temecula senior wins 9th World Championship Pole Sport and Fitness Title

Temecula resident Greta Pontarelli, 68, won her ninth World Pole Sport and Fitness Title in Belfast, Ireland, last week representing the U.S. Courtesy photos

JP Raineri
Sports Editor 

Greta Pontarelli, 68, traveled to Belfast, Ireland, last week representing the U.S. in a quest for her ninth World Pole Sport and Fitness Title, which she brought home with tremendous success Saturday, Oct. 26. Pontarelli competes in Pole Art and Pole Sport, which may be included as Olympic events. She has been training for nine years and competed on America Ninja Warrior twice where she was the oldest person to ever attempt the course.

“My World Championship winning piece ‘Finding the Blessings in the Ashes’ is the journey of a tree that gets burned in a forest fire and comes back to life as a baby tree,” Pontarelli said. “It is a metaphor for our lives. If we look in the ashes of our challenges will find seeds that can germinate and grow into our greatest strengths.”

Temecula’s Pontarelli has also been featured on numerous TV shows, on Miley Cyrus videos and has graced the covers of international magazines. Her most notable appearances are Inside Edition, Elle Magazine, The Steve Harvey Show, AARP and NBC where she shared her mission to inspire others.  In-depth details about Pontarelli can be found on www.facebook.com/gretapontarelli and www.instagram.com/aerialzen.

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