Jeff Pack
Staff Writer

One of Old Town Temecula’s hottest dining locations will be closing its doors. But devotees of The Goat and Vine shouldn’t worry; they will reopen, bigger and better than ever, owner Brad Trevithick said. 

The restaurant, which boasts a stone hearth kitchen, crafts gourmet pizzas, rustic bread for sandwiches, salads, appetizers and serves craft beer and wine. It will move into the space currently occupied by another Trevithick restaurant, The Nightingale, located at 41923 Second Street inside the Truax building. 

“We outgrew and overwhelmed the space on Fifth and Mercedes streets a long time ago,” Trevithick said. “It lacks the infrastructure we need to operate at our best. We desire a better work environment for our team and the ability to serve our community better.”

There was another issue at hand. 

“Our lease expired and was up for renewal,” Trevithick said. “Our landlord wanted to increase rent to a level that didn’t work for us. Although we’ve known for a while now that we need to move, this is the catalyst that has caused the timing. We feel fortunate that we have a space ready to go that can allow for a quick transition.”

Trevithick didn’t indicate when the two restaurants would close for the transition, but he did say that he hopes to have The Goat and Vine back open and ready for business by Feb. 1, 2020. 

“The menu will stay the exactly same; however, we will have a full bar now,” he said. “We’re working on a cocktail menu currently that will compliment the food. Additionally, we do believe the increased space will allow us to accommodate larger parties and more locals.”

The announcement was made on Facebook Wednesday, Dec. 11, and highlighted some more the changes to include more booth seating, more restrooms and more convenient to-go ordering.

As much as Trevithick said he is excited for the future of The Goat and Vine, he shared regret in having to close The Nightingale. 

“As much as we love that concept, and it has been doing well, ultimately it’s going to be a very long play to build that business,” he said. “The space has the infrastructure and size that we need to bring the much-needed change to The Goat and Vine.

“We’re very proud of what we accomplished with The Nightingale concept. And we are very thankful to the loyal customers that supported us and showed us so much love,” he said. “We believe it fulfilled its goals of raising the bar in Temecula and challenging us to grow and strengthen our talents.”

Trevithick said he hopes fans of The Nightingale will understand and support The Goat and Vine. 

“One thing we have learned is this is a very fluid business and you must be ready for change and action,” he said. “You never know what our next move will be.”

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