‘Toe-tapping’ sting nets 10 arrests in Temecula


TEMECULA — According to a report on Thursday, Dec. 12 by Sergeant Robert Menchaca, the Temecula Sheriff’s Special Teams recently arrested 10 people in an operation aimed people who engage in what’s described as “toe-tapping” in restrooms in the city.

“These public restrooms/toilets have generated several complaints from the public, where males have been observed loitering to engage in a sexual act,” Sgt. Menchaca said. “The term for this type of sexual encounter is known as ‘Toe-Tap’ or ‘Toe-Tapping,’ where a male will try to initiate contact with another male by moving his foot beyond the stall divide and tap his foot to engage in a sexual encounter.”

Over the course of eight days, Temecula Special Teams undercover deputies entered public restrooms to conduct undercover investigations to engage and observe illegal acts. In all, 10 people were arrested for various crimes and booked into Cois Byrd Detention Center.

Arrested were Daniel Hess, 38, of Temecula for lewd acts in public; Kevin Hull, 21, of Menifee for indecent exposure; Leigh Joseph Sherry, 65, of Temecula for indecent exposure; Gary Matthews, 62, of Temecula for engaging in lewd conduct; Ignacio Valdivia, 65, of Temecula for indecent exposure; Donald Casteel, 71, of Lake Elsinore for indecent exposure; Daron Ouliguian, 22, of Temecula for loitering in a public toilet or restroom; Antonio Magsino, 54, of Murrieta for attempted lewd act with a minor and attempted oral copulation with a minor; Pete Suarez, 50, of Temecula for loitering in a public toilet or restroom and indecent exposure; and Timothy Heinige, 45, of Lake Elsinore for loitering in a public toilet or restroom and indecent exposure.

“Temecula Sheriff Special Teams will continue to work vice operation stings in the Temecula area to improve quality of life, deter sexual encounters in public restrooms, prostitution and human trafficking as it pertains to sex trafficking,” Sgt. Menchaca said.

Anyone with questions regarding this operation are encouraged to call Deputy Vigil or Deputy Jauert at the Temecula Sheriff’s Station (951) 696-3119.