Valley News moves to paid subscriptions

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder

Valley News will be celebrating 20 years in October as an effective and reliable hub of communication which helps keep democracy strong. Local independent news sheds light on criminals and supports good deeds and acts of kindness. Unless there is something extraordinary such as a murder or local residents on a national TV show, our communities aren’t likely to receive much attention at all.

Our most important task is covering the news in southwest Riverside County. In addition to breaking news 24/7, we cover all the city councils, the schools, nonprofits and people who are doing extraordinary things in their community. We love what we do, and we believe it’s important. We also recognize that times are changing, and we must continue to change. We continue to publish hundreds of stories a week on our websites which reach hundreds of thousands of people, but we have to do better in order to stay strong and to do that, we need your help.

We need those who can support us to subscribe. The cost of a monthly subscription is equal to the price of a coffee from your favorite coffee shop once a month, but with thousands of subscribers, we would be able to continue to do amazing things for our community.

You may notice that Valley News isn’t available at the store, lobby or restaurant where you usually pick it up.

Beginning May 1, Valley News will be transitioning to a subscription-based newspaper. You will be able to find our print edition in your local RiteAid, CVS, and most grocery stores in the coming weeks for only $1. It will also be in a few hundred of the lobbies and shops where we’ve distributed it over the past 20 years while we transition over the next few weeks.

Please remember that your dollar helps pay for printing, distribution and the salaries of writers, photographers, administrators, etc., all who are members of the communities we serve. Valley News employs about 25 people and another dozen or so independent contractors. After covering the Valley for 20 years, we know how generous people who live here are, and our hope and belief is that there will be wide support for Valley News.

Thank you for the privilege of documenting our lives in the Valley. Despite the present challenges, we are excited about the future.

To subscribe, visit or call our offices at 760-723-7319. A print subscription includes digital access as well. Right now, there is a special for $2.99 for the first month if you would like to try it out.

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