Veteran’s Showcase: Patrick Vesey loves country living

Patrick Vesey
Veteran Patrick Vesey is best known in Anza for his Ranch 24/7 postings about rural life on social media. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

Best known for his social media presence as the enthusiastic country living educator on his Ranch 24/7 Facebook page, Army veteran Patrick Vesey is a household name in the Anza Valley.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others, from living with Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs to making whiskey.

Most people are not aware that he is a veteran, having served in the Army’s 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment from 1988 to 1992. Nicknamed the Cottonbalers, this regiment was constituted Jan. 11, 1812, in the regular Army as a company of the 8th Infantry and has a long history, including campaigns in conflicts from the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, World War I and World War II and the Vietnam War, among others.

Vesey was trained and worked as a dismount M60 machine-gunner and radio operator while in the service.

In 1989, he was deployed to Germany to patrol the Czechoslovakian border. Vesey’s time in the Army was during a historic period in Cold War history.

“I was in the country when the Berlin wall came down,” he said. “It was absolute pandemonium.”

His adventures did not end there, he said.

“I remember flying into Saudi Arabia, fully loaded with ammo and one engine caught fire as we landed. And the taste of bacon beer in Germany. I thought about the total randomness of war and how great it is to live in the USA, after seeing other countries,” he said.

Vesey met his wife, Debbi, at San Diego State University in 1993, and they were married that same year. They have a daughter, Annalisa, who will be 15 years old in March.

The family moved to Anza in 2015, purchasing a small ranch and populating it with goats, dogs and love.

Vesey works at Abbott Vascular in Temecula as a senior business analyst with plans to retire in a few years.

In his free time, he said he explores using social media such as Facebook as a revenue tool, creating the Ranch 24/7 page as a way to share country wisdom and lore. He even has a very popular whiskey series, describing different aspects of the popular beverage.

“I love whiskey, but social media loves animals a lot more,” he said. “You will see more animal videos from Ranch 24/7 in the future, as I continue to explore social media as a vehicle to connect with country-loving, animal-friendly, independent-thinking, home-cooking, get-the-heck-out-of-the-city type people.”

While Vesey’s time in the Army was short, he said it has influenced the man he is today making him cherish every moment in his community and with his loving family.

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