Volunteer Frank Shaffer supervises the Anza swap meet

Volunteer Frank Shaffer supervises the Anza swap meet. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo

Volunteer Frank Shaffer can be found supervising the Anza swap meet almost every Saturday.

From providing friendly advice and security, to putting out and taking in the traffic cones and banners, Shaffer often seen dressed in his signature denim overalls and worn baseball cap.

Passing California Highway Patrol officers even get on their loud speakers to say hello to him as they drive by on the highway.

“Absolutely without doubt or hesitation, Frank is the most sincere and humble man I have ever had the pleasure to call a friend,” Dan Robinson said.

Shaffer has been volunteering at the swap meet for about the last four years. He enforces new policies, such as the recent rule regarding driving through the swap meet.

“It’s a safety issue – no drive-thru shopping,” he said. “Heavy items may be picked up after noon on swap meet days.”

During the event, Shaffer can be seen chatting with friends, helping out and making everyone feel welcome.

“The blessings I keep getting back are more than I could ever imagine,” he said.

The outdoor market is held at the Anza Community Hall almost every Saturday, from 7 a.m. until about 1 p.m.

Sellers use the venue to earn extra cash and to sell their unwanted items.

Vendor spaces are $18 per spot. Members of the Anza Community Hall receive a $3 discount. The funds collected go to help keep the Community Hall operating and serving the community.

Social distancing protocols are recommended, and masks are encouraged as well.

Community Hall memberships are $30 per year per person and $50 annually for a business.

For more information about the Anza swap meet, call 951-282-4267 or visit the Anza Community Hall on Facebook.

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