Warm centers provide respite from cold temperatures in Riverside County

Diane Sieker photo

RIVERSIDE COUNTY – With the arrival of cooler temperatures, parts of Riverside County are experiencing freezing temperatures. Residents and visitors now have a place to escape the cold at dozens of warm centers across the county.

“Because some people may not be able to escape extremely cold temperatures, we have worked with our community partners to open warm centers to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and visitors,” Vince Wrzalinski, executive director of the Community Action Partnership of Riverside County, said.

The warm centers can be found in locations such as local libraries, some county offices, senior and community centers, and will be open to the public at no cost. The centers opened in December and will remain active through March as temperatures warrant.

The warm centers are coordinated by the Community Action Partnership of Riverside County, in conjunction with Riverside University Health System – Public Health.

Light refreshments and water will be available at some locations.

For a list of warm center locations, hours of operations and tips for staying warm, visit www.capriverside.org/Warm-Centers.

Submitted by Community Action Partnership of Riverside County.