Was impeachment intended for chaotic good?

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Those who argue that I am uneducated because I oppose the impeachment of President Donald Trump won’t be subject to my rebuttal since I do not identify as a college graduate. Many of the impeachment supporters are political liberals who believe that people should use the restroom of their self-identified gender rather than that of their historical gender and thus my education level should be defined by my self-identification rather than my actual college credit history.

The question which needs to be answered, however, is whether the nullification of my college degree due to self-identification also nullifies the knowledge associated with a term paper I wrote in college.

During my senior year in college I took a class on the concept of evil in Western civilization. I wrote a term paper on the evil alignment in Dungeons and Dragons. I made a trip to Tactical Studies Rules headquarters in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, interviewed the former GenCon gaming convention organizer and purchased a couple of manuals.

I was looking at the manuals in the parking lot afterward. There was a chaotic evil character with an oddly spelled name. That character was Cthulhu. Since H.P. Lovecraft hadn’t been dead long enough for Cthulhu to have gone into the public domain, TSR had to reprint that manual. Somewhere in my house I have a manual which is now a collector’s edition. I now consider that the biggest benefit of having gone to college.

If the term paper I wrote in college doesn’t nullify all other knowledge I have about Dungeons and Dragons, I know the difference between lawful evil, chaotic good and chaotic evil. There is also lawful good, and there are the neutral good, neutral evil, lawful neutral and chaotic neutral alignments. From what I’ve assessed from the impeachment hearings, even if what the witnesses claim are true, Trump committed chaotic good rather than chaotic evil. Impeachment was intended for high crimes and misdemeanors, and in my opinion, this means chaotic evil rather than chaotic good.

The trip to TSR headquarters was in 1985, but it currently is my most recent trip to Wisconsin. My first trip to Wisconsin was also the first time I consumed alcohol legally, since I was 19 and the drinking age in Wisconsin at the time was 18. In other states I practiced civil disobedience against the drinking age before January 1985.

My years in college were also during the national 55 mph speed limit, and I was not in full compliance with that law throughout its existence. Since New York and New Jersey retained the statewide 55 mph speed limit after Congress allowed for a 65 mph speed limit on non-urban Interstate freeways, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump also did not fully comply with the 55 mph speed limit.

Drunken driving is chaotic evil as is violence or vandalism while intoxicated. Underage drinking is chaotic neutral.  Driving 20 mph over the speed limit on a residential street is chaotic evil. Driving 10 mph over a 55 mph speed limit on a rural Interstate when other traffic isn’t affected is chaotic neutral. If such a driver is transporting a patient to a hospital the speed limit violation becomes chaotic good. Chaotic good, chaotic neutral, and chaotic evil are three different levels of breaking the law.

I identify as a high school graduate, so what I learned about Dungeons and Dragons during my high school years shouldn’t nullify the entirety of my Dungeons and Dragons knowledge utilized in or gained from my college term paper. There is a difference between lawful evil, chaotic good and chaotic evil. Even if Donald Trump is guilty of chaotic good, the impeachment process intended for chaotic evil should not be used.