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Language has often been a window into a society’s mindset. One type of phrase has been very popular the last few years, and it tells us a lot about America.

I am referring to phrases such as “… Matters.” Starting with “size matters” and proceeding on to “Black Lives Matter,” “… Matters” was adopted for dozens of advertising campaigns: “Taste Matters,” “Quality Matters,” “Fresh Matters.” Mazda ads said “Driving Matters.” Some grocery stores have signs saying “More Matters.”

It makes me wonder if Americans need guidance when it comes to simple truisms and priorities.

Of all the “… Matters” campaigns, two that ring most true to many people are: The New York Times promoting that “The Truth Matters Now More Than Ever,” and MoveOn and other political organizations promoting something that many people consider obvious: “Facts Matter.”

They feel that’s now necessary to point out. Among others things, it’s because for several years many news programs have been giving equal credence to “pundits” on opposite sides of an issue. It’s called “false equivalency.” The producers doing it like the drama of controversy and disagreement, but they serve us all poorly by ignoring that the facts, science and most-qualified experts all point to one side of the argument and not to the other.

Here are a few variations for you to consider in October 2020: “Voting Matters,” “Voting Without Interference Matters” and “Accepting the Results of the Vote Matters.”

Share those messages with your contacts. That is unless you are enjoying this prolonged period of falsehoods, political stress and antagonism and want it to continue on into January and beyond.

Peter Thorwarth

Murrieta resident