Wildomar resident suggests federal term limits

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Over the past three or more years, voters have been fed a lot of baloney about what the party not in office has to say about what they think should happen or who should be in office. They have spent millions of tax payers money on what they want, not what the country voted on and needs and could use to make it an even better nation.

Because of this selfish opinion of what they think is what should happen makes me think that there has to be something to correct this problem or it will continue to plague us for years to come. They have lied and made up all kinds of stories to try and convince us that they know best. Funny thing, we didn’t vote for them. In fact, that is why President Donald Trump was elected. We were convinced that the country needs a change with how Washington elected persons were doing business. We needed somebody to take command of the back room deals that were being done and do what was best for the country not the politician.

I have an idea of what needs to be done to correct this crooked political situation. Let’s face it, too many of them have been there for too many years and made millions while not serving in our best interest. So the best correction as I see it is to get them out of there.

The only way is to have term limits for all of Washington elected people. So how are we going to get that done? Problem being they are the ones that have to vote on a law to make it happen.

Maybe not. What if each state put in place that each representative of their state was only able to serve for two terms in Washington? And if each state put that in place it could solve the problem. So who’s in favor of this approach? And since I’m not a legal informed person, my question is could it work?

Open to any of your ideas and your help to correct this problem.

Glenn Copple

Wildomar resident