Woman harvests from tower gardens

The tower garden is populated with vegetable seedlings that will grow up and around the unit. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

Anza resident Carletta Stokes gardens, keeps bees, conducts real estate transactions and enjoys time with her family. Then one day an unusual vegetable cultivating system called the “Tower Garden” caught her eye.

“I was watching a gardening show where Steven Ritz talked about children in urban public schools not having good nutritious foods to eat,” she said. “He introduced the Tower Garden to the schools and is very instrumental in teaching the children about how vegetables are grown and about eating healthy.”

Stokes was so impressed with the system that she became a sales representative for the company.

The tower garden arrives packed in pieces that are easy to assemble. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

The Tower Garden is an aeroponic system. Water and nutrients are held in the base of the tower. Placement of the tower inside or outside determines the frequency that the pump in the tower distributes the water and nutrients to the plants.

“I like that the watering system is automatic. If you want to leave home for a few days, you can,” Stokes said.

The Tower Garden is easy to set up, Stokes said. She has helped people over the phone in setting up their own units. The units are made of a sturdy plastic that has a one-year warranty.

Stokes said that it is not just the urban areas that lack nutritious foods. She has been promoting the Tower Garden in the Anza and Aguanga areas.

“Not everyone can get outside and plant in the dirt,” she said. “Some people don’t have a plot of land, and others don’t have enough space. The Tower Garden is compact enough to grow your own healthy food in a small space. I would love for our schools to set up and teach children how to grow and eat healthy foods.”

Carletta Stokes’ granddaughter inserts a cup to hold a seedling in the tower garden she maintains by herself. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

The costs vary depending on which product is selected. The indoor home tower was recently restocked after a record number of sales since the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions in the food supply. The company offers a Flex Tower that can go indoors or outdoors and many additional items and accessories, such as grow lights and extensions.

“My granddaughter who doesn’t like veggies has decided that she likes the veggies from our tower garden. She has permission to eat anything from the tower any time she wants. It’s all about healthy eating and I am all for that,” Stokes said. “Initially, I have planted lettuce, Swiss chard and basil. Recently, I have planted peppers, okra and tomatoes. I plan on getting another tower for larger veggies like cabbage, zucchini and celery.”

For more information, contact Stokes at http://www.carlettastokes.towergarden.com.

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