Word on the Street

'Word on the Street' participants

Each week Valley News wants to know what readers think about everything from day to day living to the politically charged environment that we live in today. To hear what our community has to say, Valley News is introducing “Word on the Street,” a new column designed to do just that. Check back each week to see what Valley News Staff photographer Shane Gibson learns from those who call the Temecula Valley and surrounding communities’ “home” during his travels throughout the coverage area.

This week’s question is: How do you feel chamber of commerce events benefit businesses and the community?

Patrick Ellis
Patrick Ellis, president and CEO of Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, said, “The way businesses can use events that the chambers do for getting the most for their business is exposure. Most of it is exposure. Most of it is just getting in front of people whether it’s business to business, or business to customer. The exposure is everything and getting your name out there and doing it on a regular basis. Marketing 101 is 7 out of 10 times before anyone pays attention to your logo, you’ve gotta get out there and get exposure.” Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
Gene Wunderlich
Murrieta Mayor Gene Wunderlich said, “Chamber events really benefit the community, like this event (Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber’s Mega Mixer). You look around here right now, there are hundreds of vendors and hundreds of people traveling around, getting exposure to some of our different valley businesses, not just businesses in Murrieta. It’s great exposure for the businesses, and it’s really a boost for them to get known in the community. These events give people a face to put with businesses for when they may have a need come up, and they will know where to go for that service. I think it’s really valuable to have these community business events. All the chambers across our valley are really community oriented and take a real interest in their business members. Of course, the key is businesses have to take part in it in order to benefit.” Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
Eric Holmgren
Eric Holmgren, general manager of Murrieta’s Gryphon Fencing, said, “I think chamber events are a wonderful way for business people to meet each other, network and find out about opportunities to work together in the community.” Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
Ashlee Collins
Ashlee Collins, marketing coordinator of Southwest Healthcare System, said, “I think chamber event are beneficial to everybody in the community, especially the business community because that’s how you get to know people. You make connections and you discover resources that you didn’t know were available. These chamber events just really help boost your business.” Valley News/Shane Gibson photo