You don’t have to walk far to help your neighbor

Temecula resident Fran Hume creates website Share My Pantry to help spread awareness in helping others during the coronavirus pandemic. Valley News/Courtesy photo

While families may be thinking only about their own needs during the coronavirus pandemic, there are others who may live alone, who are elderly or can’t get themselves to the stores that need the most help.

“I wish people would just knock on the door and share some biscuits or help with some dinner or something,” Temecula resident Fran Hume, creator of the website Share My Pantry, said.

After losing her job in aviation due to the airlines being hit hard by the effects of the virus and lack of travel, Hume created the website in hopes that people would remember to help their neighbors, especially those most vulnerable.

The website is only about a week old, Hume said.

“I’m not trying to change the world or anything,” she said. “People just need to be more aware of other people instead of just themselves.”

The website can be found by visiting any of the three links:, or All three of these links will open up to the main page of her website, which displays pictures of food and tips to help.

At this early stage, the website is more informational and asks that people be considerate in checking in on others.

“I had noticed when I went into WinCo one day to pick up a couple of things that one man just ran his arm down the tin aisle and filled up his trolley, it was just ridiculous,” she said, laughing.

“I just think if everybody did a little bit each day then we wouldn’t have these situations where people can’t get food or buy food, and if I’ve got extra in my pantry then of course I’m more than happy to get on the road and ask if someone needs anything,” Hume said.

The hope of the site is to encourage others during this time to step up and help if they can.

“When you go to the shops, you’re more at risk of catching this thing,” Hume said. “The more you can remain in your home or in your community it’s safer for everybody, especially elderly. They shouldn’t be going out and shopping as they’re the most at risk right now.”

Hume also added a fun section with a few recipes that can be made at home.

“My intention is to update it every few days or once a week so there’s something different on there,” she said.

As of now, there are three recipes on the site: spaghetti Bolognese with vegetables, cheese sticks and mini biscuits to share.

Another addition to the site is Share My Toys, a concept Hume came up with after seeing toy stores inundated with people right at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

“My son was working part time in a toy store in San Diego, and he lost his job a few days ago too,” Hume said. “The first few days of this coronavirus they were just inundated with parents coming in to buy more toys and more toys to keep the kids happy while they worked from home.”

The idea behind the concept is to disinfect your children’s toys and share with the neighbors, and vice versa.

“Kids are really bored right now, so share your toys as well,” she said. “Keep it within your street, even if you just do it within two or three doors the kids can share a toy, as long as you disinfect them before you hand them over.”

While Temecula may not be hit as hard as other areas, shoppers, friends, strangers and neighbors should be mindful of how much they take in stores.

“People need to knock on doors and make sure everyone is OK,” Hume said, adding that she hopes people will share the website with their friends and neighbors to help get the word out.

“The days of sharing and being a community should be a focal point of people living in these kinds of times,” she said. “People need to share more.”

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