Young Marines graduate boot camp

Young Marines
Young Marines Sawyer, left and Hunter Edmisten display their certificates of graduation from boot camp Sunday, March 1. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

A brother and sister team of Hamilton K-8 students graduated the Young Marines boot camp Sunday, March 1, at the Wildomar Elks Lodge 2591 in Wildomar. The boot camp covered eight weeks of education, training and practice.

Sawyer, 9 and Hunter Edmisten, 11, earned the title of Young Marines and said they will continue to strive for higher ranks, continue community service, fundraising, encampments, further training and education to help their future military careers.

Young Marine Hunter Edmisten graduated as Private 1st Class Young Marine, excelling and honored to be one rank above the rest of the graduating class. He received the Merit Award for his final exam score of 100%.

Young Marine Sawyer Edmisten graduated as Private Young Marine with a Merit Award earned from a 100% final exam score and the High Academic Award as the recruit with the highest cumulative percentage from the tests given during recruit training.

“I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of these two; both got the Merit Award for 100% on the final exams. Sawyer got the cumulative highest academic award for all tests during recruitment training. Sawyer graduated as Private Young Marine, Hunter graduated above class as Private 1st Class Young Marine,” their mother Janene Edmisten said. “They did outstanding. The last eight weeks and over 100 hours certainly paid off. Now they will continue to attend and do drill days and encampments, fundraising, further their training and education to gain higher ranks and prepare for their military careers.”

The Young Marines is a national youth program for boys and girls, ages eight through 18, that focuses on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline and living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

The organization teaches and instills the values of discipline, teamwork and leadership. The goal is to set a positive example to instruct, inspire and develop leadership skills in the participating young men and women.

Upon completion of recruit training, the boys and girls are taught rank structure and permitted to take part in numerous activities, including community service projects, encampments, team-building activities and field trips to visit local and area sites of interest. Also included is clear education about the dangers of addiction and helpful instruction on how to deal with peer pressure and other issues faced by today’s youth.

The Temecula Valley Young Marines will host a fundraiser at the Wildomar Elks Lodge 2591 Saturday, April 25, featuring bingo, food, drinks and raffles. The funds raised will go to the Temecula Valley Young Marines.

“We are looking for support from our little town to contribute toward the April fundraiser,” Janene Edmisten said. “On March 20, the Pizza Factory in Anza will donate 20% of sales to the cause. Our town rocks for these kiddos. It’s all tax write off and all businesses and people get recognition.”

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