Young musicians perform to bring awareness to organ donation 

A young pianist performs during the Lifenote charity concert Saturday, Oct. 26, at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater. Jeff Pack photos

Area music teachers and schools brought students of all skill levels to the Old Town Temecula Community Theater to perform and participate in the sixth annual Lifenote charity concert Saturday, Oct. 26. 

According to Dr. Dan Friedlich, more than 150 musicians performed at the event that featured music ranging from classical to Motown. 

The event benefited The David Foster Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to organ donation and stroke health.

“I basically use Lifenote as a music charity for children,” Friedlich said. “It provides an opportunity to donate to a nonprofit. We chose to match medicine and music together.”

Friedlich is a neurosurgeon and owns Temecula Valley Neurosurgery. 

He grew up learning and playing classical music and said the process has helped him throughout his career. 

“I try to teach children the importance of giving back to the community and of understanding that the discipline and the dedication that you have toward playing a musical instrument,” he said. “And getting involved with the arts at an early age, I think, prepares you for higher education and for the type of challenges that you’ll meet later on life as you pursue a professional career.”

While the young musicians performed one to four pieces for the audience at The Merc, there were booths outside in the gallery area providing information. The event was sponsored by One Legacy, Microsoft and Southwest Healthcare System. 

“I think the fundraising really is the primary endpoint,” Friedlich said. “The real goal of this is to raise money for the charity, and the success of that has been reaching out to the medical community.

“We have One Legacy here, which has donated ambassadors who are organ transplant recipients and they’re talking directly to the kids about what that means. (Everyone who attends) have the ability to sign up to be a donor, an organ donor right here. We have a stroke booth with Southwest Healthcare, and I’m the director of the stroke program and more providing stroke health. 

“It’s really trying to combine the best of medicine and music,” Friedlich said.

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