Representative Ken Calvert runs from protesters, mocks them on Twitter

To the Editor After complete silence since the November elections, @TeamCalvert took to Twitter to continue to promote this idea that many of the constituents he represents are “Pelosi liberals” working on a “liberal agenda.” Not only does Rep. Calvert vote with President Donald Trump 98 percent of the time, he even tweets immature insults […] provides necessary resources for wildfire preparedness

Here in Southern California, wildfire is always a risk. But, this year thanks to soaking rains that brought the region out of the worst drought in the state’s history, the area has even more combustible materials than in previous years as new growth sprouted and took hold all throughout the Valley News coverage area. In […]

Have ‘dreamers’ help secure the border

Now that former President Barack Obama’s un-Constitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA is coming to an end as per the campaign promise of President Donald Trump, Congress now has this hot potato and must commit to securing our national borders and defending America’s sovereignty. In an institution that is clearly lacking in any […]

Changes in classification under Prop 57 puts public safety at risk

Editor’s note; the following is a letter sent to the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation from Temecula resident Rick Reiss. In this letter, Reiss addresses Prop 57 and the change in classified crimes from violent to non-violent, including Human trafficking of minor for labor, battery with serious bodily harm and exploding a bomb with […]

Native American Day

I am pleased to be a Capitol sponsor of the upcoming 50th Native American Day celebration scheduled for Sept. 22, on the south steps of the state Capitol. This year’s event will celebrate tribal sovereignty to recognize the authority of indigenous tribes to govern themselves within U.S. borders. San Diego County encompasses 18 reservations, more than any other […]

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: As a United States Air Force veteran who served his country and “swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic,” it saddens me to see the president of the United States act without courage and moral conscience in his response to the Charlottesville violence […]

The constitutionality of escalating war in Afghanistan

Few presidential candidates in the last seven years have campaigned more for pulling out of Afghanistan than President Donald Trump, so his decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan, 16 years after it began, is a shock to many who are tired of the globalist no-win and perpetual warfare, and in part voted for him […]

Renovations are coming to the Capitol

As a member of the Joint Rules Committee, we have been tasked with directing an upgrade or replacement for the rapidly deteriorating State Capitol building annex. The building was designed in the late 1940s and was completed in 1952 at a cost of $7.5 million. Originally intended to house a part-time legislature, the annex is […]

The Legislature is back in session

The Legislature is now returning to work after its summer break, with one month left before final adjournment Sept. 15. Hundreds of bills remain undecided, including seven of mine pending in the Senate. Many important issues have been decided, including passage of a state budget. Unfortunately, huge gas tax increases and attempts to alter the longstanding […]

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