SalsaFama teaches dancing, changes lives

Intermediate members improve upon their salsa dancing skills at Lienzo Charro Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill on Old Town Front Street. Lexington Howe photo
It breaks cultural, age and social barriers. What many would call a fun night out, others see simply as an escape, a relaxing pastime.It’s dancing.Partners sway to the beat, smiles all around. They’re currently learning salsa dancing, and Andre Perez leads them in a three-count pattern they all are familiar with, as the intermediate class begins.SalsaFama started as a family-run dance group. Their slogan, “Changing Lives” is a true depiction of what they are all about: helping others in all walks of life.“We’re just teaching these people how to dance structured dancing,” Perez said. “We have a lot of single people, a lot of broken up people, a lot of divorced people, widows or widowers, and they come here kind of beat up, you know. Beat up by life. And then
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