Kylene Evans is ACM’s Artist of the Month for September

Harpist Kylene Evans, 15, is Arts Council Menifee’s Artist of the Month for September. Courtesy photo
Kylene Evans has been fascinated with the harp for most of her life, she said. She still remembers how the instrument had made her feel when she encountered one for the first time; she was attending church and saw the instrument being played when she was only 3 years old. On her seventh birthday, her parents gave her a gift that would become a very big part of her life: a 28-string Celtic harp.Evans began taking lessons at age 8 and found herself under the guidance of Menifee musician Lauren Arasim. Her parents have been avid supporters of their daughter and her growing gift, she said, and for her 10th birthday, they bought her a 36-string lever harp and then a 47-string grand concert pedal harp in April 2019.Shortly after receiving her new harp, the young musician was able to atte
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