Save money when buying a car

Buyers can make the process of buying new cars more affordable by paying the taxes upfront, using a cash-back credit card for the down payment and taxes and reading the service contract carefully. Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – Short of buying a home, many consumers will never spend more money than they do when purchasing a new vehicle. According to the automotive resource, Kelley Blue Book, new-vehicle prices increased by 2% between April 2018 and April 2019, rising to slightly less than $37,000 in that period.With so much money at stake, car buyers’ decisions in regard to which car to buy and how to finance the purchase are significant. Some financial variables, including sales tax, may be set in stone; however, buyers can make the process of buying new cars more affordable.First, pay the taxes upfront.When buying a new car, buyers will receive a rundown of all of the costs from the dealership that’s selling them the vehicle. Sales taxes will be included in that rundown. Buyers who
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