TVHS grad Tomlinson’s comedy career continues to soar

Temecula Valley High School graduate and headlining comedian Taylor Tomlinson will perform at KAABOO Del Mar Sunday, Sept. 15, on the Humor Me stage. Courtesy photo
After comedian Taylor Tomlinson performs on the Humor Me stage at KAABOO Del Mar Sunday, Sept. 15, the Temecula Valley High School graduate isn’t likely to jump off the stage and rock out with the rest of the crowd for the rest of the day.“I tend not to be, like, a festival person,” Tomlinson said in a phone interview. “Like, I wouldn’t like go to one myself because I’m not like, uh, I’m not super fun. I think people who go to festivals tend to be really like fun, and I like going and like doing a set there and everything. But yeah, I don’t have a lot of experience, just like I couldn’t tell you like what the vibe is or what it’s like or anything.“All I can tell you is, like, I did shows and they were great,” Tomlison said.In her young career, she’s do
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