Vaccine bill SB 276 is not ‘California for All,’ opposition says

Heidi Munoz Gleisner, Tara Thornton and Denise Aguilar stand in protest at an Aug. 28 rally in Sacramento against Senate Bill 276, a bill that would tighten the rules on giving exemptions for vaccines. The group stood on chairs chanting, “You have not represented California for all.” Sandra Efraimson photo
Vaccine bill Senate Bill 276, which narrows the guidelines of medical exemptions and continues forced vaccinations, along with its companion bill, Senate Bill 714 were both signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom Monday, Sept. 10, and several local mothers are not happy about it.“This has directly affected my family,” Sandra Efraimson, a former registered nurse who lives in Murrieta with her husband and son, said.“My son had a vaccine reaction to his one year series of vaccines, and unfortunately the pediatrician did not seem to be knowledgeable enough to recognize the injury immediately,” Efraimson said. She had previously worked at a nonprofit mobile clinic that also offered vaccines.“In that year I studied the subject. I was under the impression that these injuries ha
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