Gene Wunderlich appointed to fill vacant seat on Murrieta’s city council

Gene Wunderlich, one of four final candidates, was appointed to fill the vacant seat for Murrieta City Council Tuesday, Oct. 1. He will be sworn in at the council meeting Nov. 5 and will serve until November 2020.Out of state, Wunderlich was unable to attend the live interview process but turned in a formal letter that reflected his testimony in filling the vacant seat. The letter was read by Murrieta city clerk Stephanie Smith.Wunderlich has been a Murrieta resident for 30 years, involved in city committees, commissions and was briefly appointed as a city council member the last time a seat was vacant.Mayor Kelly Seyarto and other council members said they were looking for someone who could “hit the ground running,” as Wunderlich reflected during his past position on the c
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