‘Ramona’ outdoor play begins 2020 audition process

HEMET – The Ramona Bowl Amphitheater is accepting photos and resumes for the major character roles of Ramona, Alessandro, Senora, Juan Canito, Don Felipe, Father Salvedierra, Father Gaspara, Margarita, Luigo Dolores, Marda, Ysidro, Jefferson Hyer, Aunt Ri and Joe in the outdoor play “Ramona.”Ramona and Alessandro are the young star crossed lovers. Ramona is a young lady who has been raised in the convent and on the Rancho Moreno, but she is still a free spirit, yearning to find out why she doesn’t seem to fit in the genteel Spanish society. Alessandro is the son of the chief of the Temecula tribe. He leads the sheep shearers. He is dependable, honorable but also a young man with passion.The Senora runs the Moreno Rancho. She is a widow and her iron will has kept the rancho
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