Sports Column: 3 seasons in, Chargers are a flop in LA

TIM DAHLBERG AP Sports Columnist The (sort of) Los Angeles Chargers are on the road again this week, which isn't such a bad thing for fans of the former San Diego franchise. Seems like the Chargers are always on the road. Even when they're home. That was evident this month when Pittsburgh Steelers fans filled most seats at the converted soccer stadium that is the team's temporary home. Things got so bad that the Steelers theme song was played, so bad that linebacker T.J. Watt thanked Pittsburgh fans afterward for being so loud the Chargers had to use a silent count — in their own stadium. "Helped us out a lot guys, thanks," Watt said. That's life so far in the big city for the Chargers, who haven't exactly taken Los Angeles by storm. Three seasons into what might have been the mos
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