Wes Studi to make Oscars history for Native American actors

Wes Studi in 'Hostiles.' (Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures)
LINDSEY BAHR AP Film Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) — When Cherokee actor Wes Studi was thinking about moving to Los Angeles to take a shot at being an actor in the 1980s, he asked a friend if it was a good idea. The friend said "why not? There aren't many Native American actors." Instead of a deterrent, Studi took that as a plus. "I thought, 'OK, so not a whole lot of competition then,'" Studi, 71, said laughing. "I thought why not take a leap and I did. And things turned out well." Although there was no way he could have known it at the time, the Tulsa, Oklahoma native came at the perfect time too. Hollywood had started to move beyond its deplorable past of casting white actors for indigenous roles and looking for more authenticity in casting. Some of his first films included "Dances Wi
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