Hundreds walk in silence around the globe to rally against human trafficking

Hundreds gather together Saturday, Oct. 19, to rally against human trafficking by participating in a silent, 3-mile walk in Temecula. Lexington Howe photo
People gathered around the globe to walk in silence, rallying together to protest slavery and human trafficking, Saturday, Oct. 19.Families, friends and children arrived at Vail Headquarters in Temecula as early as 7 a.m., huddled together in wait for the 3-mile walk that would take place later that morning.According to A21, a nonprofit organization that organizes these walks around the world, human trafficking generates around $150 billion annually and doesn’t just take place in Third World countries, but is everywhere, including Temecula.Jenni Sanchez set up the Temecula walk in partnership with A21 and Allysa Bassir, who has traveled for many years to Africa working to fight human trafficking.“It started off with Allysa taking me to Africa,” Sanchez said. “I had
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