UC Riverside researchers find alarming signs along fault that caused deadly Nepal quake

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RIVERSIDE (CNS) - The fault line that produced a catastrophic magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal 4 1/2 years ago is under stress that could result in another major shaker, according to research conducted by a team that included UC Riverside scientists. A team of UCR geophysicists, joined by researchers from three other universities, determined through modeling that the 620-mile Main Himalayan Thrust is at risk of another damaging shift because of collisions between tectonic plates extending from Europe and Asia -- the same ones that created the Himalayas. The team's findings were published in the most recent edition of "Nature Geoscience.'' The scientists were able to glean key data from a network of 45 seismometers that they placed shortly after the April 25, 2015, earthquake, which kil
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