MESFIN FEKADU AP Music Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The top 10 songs of the year by Associated Press Music Editor Mesfin Fekadu. 1. Jhené Aiko, "Triggered (freestyle)": Jhené Aiko brilliantly captures so many emotions in one song on "Triggered (freestyle)," as she rapidly spits out lyrics in a raw way that range from "I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW" to "Sup, you up?" She's a ball of emotions, but she's direct and honest, and those lyrics are piercing and appealing, and make for a great song — rather, the song of the year. She's trying to move on, but she needs closure. She's saying I hate what you did, but I can't still be with anyone else intimately yet. She's angry. And bitter. And hurt. And healing. Overall, she's human. And she's a beast of a songwriter. 2. Sam Smith and Normani, "D
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