Man works to expose predators in the community

EJ Twyman and Cai Irvin finish editing a video before posting it Twyman’s Gotcha Predator YouTube channel. Twyman says his goal in setting up these encounters with alleged sex offenders and making public videos is to show members of the community that these incidents are taking place around southwest Riverside County. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
It all started for EJ Twyman exactly like you would guess it might. “When I was younger I used to watch ‘To Catch a Predator’ when it was on, and it was always interesting to me,” he said. “I was in between jobs, and I was just sitting at home, saw an episode on YouTube and said, ‘Let me see how safe it is out here.’” Right then, Twyman made an account on some social media sites, posing as an underage girl. “You know, to see if anyone would bite,” he said. “All of a sudden these guys started hitting me up.” “Within the first, I think, 30 minutes I had like 20 messages,” Twyman said That response “freaked” him out, he said. That’s when he decided to act. [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="13260,13261,13262,13264,13265,13266,1326
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